REGULATIONS for the 2019 edition

The distance of the race is 6 km (1 lap to a single circuit). The start and finishing line of the race will be located at the square via León y Castillo at the Romano Park in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Anyone aged 13 years or over can participate in the 6 km SOLIDARITY category. Underage runners will need the authorisation of one parent or guardian to complete the registration.

Anyone under 13 years can participate in the CHILDREN category. The youngest children can be accompanied by adults. Please bear in mind that registration in the race implies the full acceptance of the regulations and parent authorisation, therefore, you accept that photographs of minors may be taken during the event and used. This race is open to anyone in the island of Gran Canaria and in the rest of the world who wants to come and enjoy a dynamic party before the end of the year with us.

This race does not have a competitive philosophy; it is all about participation and solidarity. At the end of the race a solidarity trophy will be awarded to the three fastest runners male and female in the general classification. Also, a diploma will be available for download at the website of the event for all participants. The number of runners is limited to 12,000 and, therefore, registration will be closed once we reach that number.

Along with the race number, every participant will receive a chip. This chip needs to be adequately placed along with the race number in the runner’s chest. It is not recommended to cover it up when passing through the checking points or the finishing line, nor carry a minor on your arms when passing through those areas. This is necessary in order to duly verify each runner’s race time at the finishing line.

To use the cloakroom the backpack must be identify with a tag given by the organisers when you hand it over. The cloakroom will stay open up to 30 min before the race. We encourage participants to come to the race only with the basic items necessary in order to minimize the use of the cloakroom.

Security in the public roads will be the responsibility of the local police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Medical services are authorised to withdraw any participant from the race for medical reasons.

By completing the race registration, participants agree that the event organisers themselves or an authorized third party may automatically use their personal data exclusively for sport-related, promotional or commercial purposes. In accordance with Organic Law 3/2018 of 5th December on Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights Guarantee, participants have the right to access this file in order to rectify or cancel in full or in part its contents. To do so, participants must send a written notification to the following email address:

In addition, and in accordance with the sporting and promotional interests as well as the distribution and management of the San Silvestre Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Race throughout the world (photographs of the event, publication of classification lists, etc.) in any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) and without any time limit, participants expressly grant the organisers permission to reproduce their first and second name, the place they obtained in the overall classification and their performance, their category, their race time and their image.


Participants must respect the instructions given by the security team, organisers, race volunteers and/or other collaborators. Runners showing violent or xenophobic attitudes, carrying weapons, or littering at undesignated places will be disqualified. The organisers may withdraw from the event any participant for unsportsmanlike conduct or for showing a lack of respect towards the organisers or other participants.

Motorised vehicles or bicycles not belonging to the organisers are strictly forbidden. Official motorised vehicles and bicycles monitoring the race will carry a visible identification at all times.

Participants accept all the articles of the regulations and honestly commit with honour to not start the race until the official start and to cover the entire distance before crossing the finishing line.


Voluntary retirement

If a runner decides to retire from the race he/she must report to the nearest official refreshment post or the boxes area. Retirement due to a lesion or accident

Any runner who suffers any injury, accident or a similar situation during their participation in the race must try to inform a member of the organisation so appropriate actions can be taken. Runners can be disqualified for infringement of the following rules:


Not wearing the chip and race number in the runner’s chest without having been manipulated.

Not completing the entire race course or not going through the established check-points.

Not wearing their race number or not wearing it correctly in the runner’s chest without having been manipulated or folded.

Competing with the race number assigned to other runner.

Using a race number not authorised by the organisers.

Registering with false data.

Not complying with the instructions given by the organisers and/or judges during the race.

Showing unsportsmanlike conduct.


Given the fact that I have completed my registration in the SAN SILVESTRE LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA race, I agree to comply with the rules regulating this race, and the organiser’s rules. I accept the full regulations published in the organiser’s website.

I hereby understand that I am solely responsible for all my sport belongings and equipment during the development of the race and all the collateral activities.

I state and confirm that I am physically prepared and sufficiently trained for this competition and that I have gone through the corresponding medical examinations. I am physically well prepared for this competition; I am in good overall health and I do not have any illness, physical defect or lesion that may be aggravated or worsened by my participation in said race. If during the race I am injured or suffer any other condition that may seriously damage my health, I will notify it to the organisers as soon as possible.

I accept to receive medical treatment at my own cost if it is necessary due to an injury, lesion, accident or illness during the race. I attend this event of my own free will and initiative and I fully assume all the risks and consequences resulting from my participation.

I allow the use of my name and any image taken during the race in any publication or media. In case of underage runners, I will provide the necessary parental authorisation required by the organisers to participate. You can download the parental authorisation.

The organisers, managers of the event, collaborators, sponsors and volunteers of this competition shall be exempt from any responsibility or complaint on my part. This includes any indirect or direct damage or injury and death. This shall not be applicable if the damage or injury is caused by wrongdoing or carelessness on the part of the organisers.

I have the necessary physical capacity, technical skills and survival resources to guarantee my own safety under the conditions of individual competition of this race.

I understand and agree to comply with the rules and safety protocols established by the organisers, and to behave responsibly so as to not put my physical or mental safety at risk. I will follow all the instructions and I will abide by all the decisions taken by the organisers (judges, doctors and organisers) regarding safety-related issues.

I authorise the medical services present at the race to carry out any treatment or diagnostic tests that I may need whether I am in a position to request assistance or not; and at their request I commit to retire from the race if they deem it necessary for my health.

My race number is personal and non-transferable and therefore no other participant and no other person may wear it in my place.

I understand that the organisers reserve their right to accept or not any participant, even if said participant has already paid the registration fee. In case a participant is not accepted the registration fee will be returned.

I commit to following the general guidelines regarding environmental protection standards:

To pass along the race course with caution.

To refrain from causing any alterations in the natural processes and functioning of ecosystems.

To refrain from deteriorating biotic, geological, cultural and general resources of the landscape.

To avoid or get around environmentally sensitive areas.

To do our basic bodily functions in the proper places, or at least far from transit areas and meeting points.

To only dump or pour liquid or solid waste or objects at the usual designated places for refuse collection.

Organisers reserve the right to change or modify any information related to the race or to cancel the race due to force majeure by publishing it on the official website.

You can download the parental authorization here.


Registration in this race will guarantee that runners are fully covered by an accident and civil liability insurance policy.

Organisers recommend all participants to carry out a medical examination and a stress test before the start of the race.


Please note that for participants suffering from injuries, illnesses or any kind of disability before the insurance policy is hired or before the policy comes into force for said participants, compensation for claims covered by the policy will be that which corresponds to a participant with no such pre-existing conditions, and therefore the aggravation, worsening or similar situations related to pre-existing conditions, either physical or mental, will be excluded from any claim.



Participants must complete their registration by filling in all the requested data, from their homes, and by paying the corresponding fee comfortably by credit card (valid cards authenticated by the bank for online shopping). From that moment and provided that the pick-up points are already open and running, participants can go to one of the pick-up points to get their T-shirt, race number and chip during their opening hours and in the stipulated period of time.


Registration at the official registration points will be very simple. Participants must go to one of the registration points and pay the registration fee. They will receive a T-shirt, race number and chip. You can check here to see places and time tables of the official registration points. Availability of the T-shirt size wanted will NOT be guaranteed.


Thanks to the information provided by the registration data and the race number and chip, which must be worn visibly on the runner’s chest, it will be possible to obtain information about the total number of participants registered, to provide their running time and a diploma for their participation, and to control the total amount that will be donated to the selected NGOs. Registration points at the different centres will be offering full in-person registration services for any participant who does not have Internet or the necessary tools or knowledge to complete the registration. Participants who believe they can complete the 6 km race in less than 24 minutes can state so when completing the registration form and they will need to request a bracelet when picking up their race number that will identify them as runners starting from the Start box no. 1. The last day to register will be 28th of December, as long as there are still places available in the race. And the last day to pick up your T-shirt will be 29th of December.


Information detailed in the schedule section in this website.